Hello ronnie My name’s fayrouze and iam algerian

Hello ronnie My name’s fayrouze and iam algerian

This is my first time to know the correct pronunciation of borrower, maybe it’s because of colloquial language here in my country. Love you teacher. I knew it already.

hi Ronnie thank you so much for your lesson.Really i have a question to you, i want to ask you which way or strategy is more power and good to learn english grammar.And thank you so much .I appreciate your help.

Actually i liked all your lessons they were so useful and helpful according to me.. Well i do not have many english ppl to improve that language which is very important to me …And iam in need of that So if you have another ideas which can solve my problems Just inform me and that would be a big pleasure 🙂

helooo teacher how are you? i have a little confusion in thz word “lend” so would u pls explain that wid example. is thz sentence rite i’ll lend u my car!

Yes, your sentence is correct. If you do not understand, watch the video again. Lend = give. I have explained everything in the video.

hello!thank you very very much our teacher Ronnie, please tell me what are the differents between who, whose ,whom , which. please don’t forget

But I do not know other link about it

Very very useful. Now i can use them that is not afraid of misunderstanding. 😀 oh, god. I don’t know whether my sentence above is correct. 😐

I’m Vietnamese.Ilove this video. It is really good for my English. I want to improve my speaking. can u show me some good link?

Hello Ronnie i want to know in first question why the word of “Lend” is not not fixed in lieu of borrow. Please solve my confusion if you have a time. Thanks

I like your lesson very much! I very confuse two words: warrantand guarantee please explain the difference thank you very much.

Dear Ms Ronnie, hello, I am from Afghanistan, the videos are quite useful to all of us, i really enjoy and installment loans available in Tennessee learn a lot,i watched your this video clip, your teaching methods is fabulous like always i say this, i am still confuse at some parts, and i hope you will reply me.

Can you lend me your Laptop for some minutes please?

Will you lend me your car? Can i borrow your car? Is there any difference between these two sentences (requests), or they are same, 2. last night i borrowed huge amount of money from my friend, so i have to lend all money back or i have to return all the money back as soon as possible than it was too late i could not go to home on that time, my another friend me lend his room or loaned me his room. (correct or wrong) Need explaining while using these two words with money also the word use is not clear to me, you taught us in your video that whenever we use the word “USE” with a sentence it means you use something and you may not return it back, maybe someone forgets to return it back or trying to steal it. but i have heard a lot from people saying that, Can I use your Laptop for some minutes please? after using it the person has to return it back. Can i barrow your laptop for some minutes Please? Can i use your laptop for some minutes? Loan, lend and borrow, Are these three can be used with money? How?? I am totally confused with these three words. that shows my weakness, but i am trying to improve it, i never give up from something which i am weak at unless i find solution for it,need your support toward it. I hope you will response to me and thanks for the video clip. Sorry for asking.

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