Ticket Selling Sites

Ticket Selling Sites

ticket selling sites

Numerous ticket-selling websites can make you money. Tickets can be found with lower prices on other platforms. The price of tickets will depend on the performer and the venue. Tickets can be sold electronically or physically. Tickets that are physically distributed cost more. However, it is possible to find tickets via the official website of a particular venue, or by using their app. This method is more convenient. If you are budget conscious, you can discover the best ticket-selling website that meets your needs.


TicketPlan, a leader in ticket insurance and protection, recently announced a partnership agreement with WeGotTickets. Founded in 1999, TicketPlan helps ticket companies offer additional value services and increase revenue. TicketPlan is used by a growing number ticketing agencies today. Founded in 2000, WeGotTickets was established by an assemblage of music lovers with the intention of revolutionizing the ticketing business. WeGotTickets is an industry leader in providing insurance for tickets and was one of the first companies to utilize tickets with reference numbers.

Newton established WeGotTickets after observing the drawbacks of conventional ticketing. The concert industry is packed with “hands in everyone’s pockets” attitude, as concert promoters are known to take 25 percent of their booking fees per ticket sold. WeGotTickets is a ticketing without paper platform that aims to alter this. Additionally, it charges 50p for each PS5 ticket.

WeGotTickets offers a range of options to simplify the process of selling tickets for ticket sellers. You can also manage your capacity, inventory as well as digital print-at-home tickets, as well as receive automated reminders to book tickets. It is best for big events and has a complete reporting system. The commissions and fees for ticket sales are usually minimal. Ticket sellers can also choose to charge their clients for the service they provide.

It is vital to choose the correct ticketing platform for your event for selling tickets online. The best ticketing service can increase your event’s visibility and provide additional marketing opportunities. However, before you choose an online ticketing system take into consideration whether your event is suitable for the website. A website that is designed for Zumba classes will not offer the same advantages as one for ballet performances. If you are selling tickets for concerts an event, a website created for such an event might not provide the same benefit.


Ticketline claims to be Europe’s largest primary ticket agency and has been providing services to the UK market for more than 30 years. The company’s “Ticketlight” product allows event organisers create their own events and then sell them on their website. The Ticketline website has a wide range of choices for searching tickets, including events, artists, and venue. This article will look at the top ticket-selling sites in the UK and the features they provide.

Ticketline sellers pay a fixed commission on tickets sold. Since they encourage buyers to use their listings and services, fees for classifieds-style platforms tend to be less. However, sellers may have to pay an additional fee of up to 15% of the final price for tickets listed on non-classifieds-style platforms. In most cases, tickets sellers will receive their money within 5 working days.

The company has also launched Fanticks which is a fan-to-fan marketplace for resales. Customers can put their unwanted tickets on the site and sell them for a price up to ten percent above their face value. Fanticks hopes to make tickets for sold-out events more easily accessible. To ensure that customers are sure of the authenticity of their tickets, the Fanticks will purchase tickets from ticket brokers. The site also provides secure messaging, making it easy for sellers to communicate with each other Legit Ticket Sites without worrying about the possibility of fraud.

When using Ticketline, sellers should create an account and select an event they’d like to sell. After they register the seller can input an price and select the amount they’d like to sell. Sellers can choose which method of delivery they prefer: FedEx or PayPal. Sellers can then enter additional notes and send PDFs of tickets. It’s as simple as that!

TicketLiquidator offers tickets for sale at a reasonable price. TicketLiquidator is a reputable site that employs independent ticket brokers, who undergo a thorough vetting process to ensure that the tickets are authentic and have comparable or better value. If you are looking to purchase tickets for an occasion, you can decide to purchase tickets via RazorGator or Ticketline both of which have a good reputation with the Better Business Bureau.

Tickets bought online are risky so do your research before you make your purchase. When you buy tickets online, make sure you create an account and are able to access the information for your payment. You do not want to be only one to pay for your tickets, so ensure you have an internet connection before you place your order. This will help you save time and allow you to avoid having to rush through the entire procedure.


A cross-party group led by Sharon Hodgson, Labour MP who is Labour MP, has been set up to fight ticket fraud. The group is backed by industry experts and aims to prevent frauds on tickets from ever happening. This could have huge implications for both the public and the industry.

Viagogo is a leading player in the world of online ticket sales since 2006. It has grown to become one of the most popular professional websites for ticket brokers in the world. This website provides a safe and secure platform for buyers and sellers. It is particularly beneficial for those who have trouble finding tickets to their most-loved events. To make the process even simpler this site offers the ability for users to find upcoming events based on their location dates, timeframes, keywords and more websites to sell tickets.

In the course of the CMA’s investigation into ticket resale, Viagogo has made changes to their site. The website now has to display the face value for each ticket it sells. The price is also displayed when a user hovers over the ticket listing. The CMA results are the latest news in a lengthy legal battle. You should also ensure you’re protected under the law if you’re an Australian resident.

In addition, Viagogo does not guarantee ticket sales , and reserves the right to cancel any sale. If you purchase a ticket and find out that the location you’ve selected does not allow patrons of the age of your purchase, you may ask for a full refund, or get an alternative ticket for free. You can prevent being barred from the website by following the Viagogo steps.

Although Viagogo was previously under investigation by the Competition & Markets Authority, it wasn’t until the last few days that an order from a judge was issued forcing Viagogo to change its policy. Until that happens then you’ll need to rely on the word of the promoter when deciding the best ticket to buy. Don’t be afraid of using Google search to locate an authentic ticket seller. If you’ve been caught in scalping of tickets, you should contact the state agency for consumer protection for guidance.

Despite the pricey tickets on sale through this website, the prices you will receive from them will be cheaper than the official source. Be aware that the Viagogo’s tickets originate sold by overseas vendors. You are unlikely to will get authentic tickets. It is best to buy tickets in the moment they are available for sale. To avoid getting scammed, you must conduct your research before purchasing tickets for Viagogo’s online concert sales site.

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