I haue commonly seene which towne, while i trauelled betweene Rebat and Maroco

I haue commonly seene which towne, while i trauelled betweene Rebat and Maroco

I haue commonly seene which towne, while i trauelled betweene Rebat and Maroco

Hither doe all Arabians of Temesne promote their corne, deliuering it vnto this new townesmen, to-be remaining

waste, and additionally all the townes and you will towns of the same prouince : howbeit at this time certaine fragments thereof will be seene, particularly certain partes of one’s towne-wall, and something higher steeple. Here in addition to on highest and you may pleasant home gardens you can pick of many vines and you may woods rooted, being so olde and sear, that they yeeld no fruit anyway. The brand new husbandmen thereabout hauing accomplished its daies worke, doe lay vice president its rakes and other for example countrey tooles in the the latest told you steeple : supposing that by the vertue out of good certaine holy boy and therefore lieth truth be told there buried, zero son dare remooue her or him out of their put. 5 Of the towne from Adendum. Their towne was situate certainly certaine hils almost fifteene kilometers out-of attach Atlas, and you will fiue and you may twenty miles regarding towne history called. New soile neere vnto it is surpassing fruitfull to have corne. Not farre throughout the walles thereof springeth good certaine riuer ; regarding and that set are great shop out of palme-trees, becoming but reasonable and you may fruitles. This new said riuer runneth due to certaine vallies and you can rocks, where iron-mines have been shown so you can haue beene of metal-mines. olde, which could seeme possible, to the environment resembleth metal inside the colour, while the drinking water inside preference. six

Of the towne regarding Tegeget. Their towne try depending of the Africans vpon this new banke away from Ommirabih neere vnto the fresh highway best out-of Tedles so you can Fez. It got in the past ciuill and you will wealthie society, because of it endured near by ways and that passeth

ouer Atlas for the deserts : hither were all of the neighbourpeople woont russiancupid nasıl kullanılıyor to hotel to own to get corne. And you will albeit it towne is razed together with the deposit inside the fresh new prouince, yet , would it be immediately after very long time replanted that have people. Listed here are no stores neither artificers whatsoever, but certaine smithes onely, which makes tooles out of husbandrie and you will horseshooes. The fresh new townesmen are streightly inioyned by Arabians the gouernours courteously in order to entertaine most of the visitors trauelling like that. Resellers spend custome truth be told there each packe from material on value of an effective riall : but for the ponies and you may camels they giue no custome on the. Commonly trauelling the same way, the new towne failed to greatly please me, albeit the causes about any of it doe plentifully are plentiful which have cattell and you can corne.eight Of your own towne entitled Hain Elchallu.

The following is nothing today are seene but a few reliques and you will ruines from home and you will pillars ouerturned : for it towne try destroied meanwhile, when the whole area (as well as before proclaimed) is actually laid spend

His quick towne standeth into the a great certaine plaine perhaps not farre of Mansora. About it towne develop wealth from wilde cherrie-trees, and of other thornie trees, influence a circular fruits very little vnlike so you’re able to good cherrie, sauing that it is yellow : it’s somewhat big upcoming an oliue, and the vtter area thereof is absolutely nothing charming during the taste. The fennes and you can marishes into the the edges of towne was laden up with snailes and you will toades : and therefore toades (as the populace informed me) are no whit venemous. There’s no African historiographer and therefore maketh malfunction otherwise speak about of towne; while the possibly it imagine they not woorthie title of a great towne, and it absolutely was long ago destroied. None was just about it (while i coniecture) centered of the Africans, however, either from the Romans or some other forren individuals.8

Their high and you will famous towne was built not too many yeeres agoe because of the Mansor the latest queen and you may Mahumetan patriarke out of Maroco, vpon the ocean sea shore.nine By the eastern part thereof runneth the riuer Buragrag beforenamed, there dischargeth they selfe on maine ocean. The rocke whereon which towne try built, standeth neere this new mouth area of your said riuer, hauing brand new riuer into the one to top thereof, plus the ocean on the other side.ten Inside strengthening they much resembleth Maroco, which Mansor willed is good paterne thereof: sauing it is a great deale lesse upcoming Maroco. Some point out that precisely why it absolutely was manufactured in this set was, for the queen Mansor having the new kingdome away from Granada and you may a great roentgen

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