Robin was in the first place truly the only member of brand new crew having no deal with-problems

Robin was in the first place truly the only member of brand new crew having no deal with-problems

Robin was in the first place truly the only member of brand new crew having no deal with-problems

Even after Robin’s power to deal with the fresh new unconventional, she are not able to take in the very thought of Dwarves, and you may was even amazed by their characteristics of effortlessly thinking individuals, things she always humor of of course Luffy will it. Yet not, after arriving at Dressrosa, their significant improvement in personality actually starts to expose in itself. Robin have while the shown several facefaults appearing you to definitely this woman is zero offered the brand new stoic, uncompromising private she was previously. Robin was also defeat which have feeling during the vision out of Kanjuro’s Nobori Ryu technique, and therefore introduced an excellent pitiful-lookin dragon you to she discovered to be extremely adorable on the section regarding blushing, just who the team soon dubbed “Ryunosuke”. She are driven to rips during the their commendable energy so you’re able to climb up Zou’s hind leg to the top, striving for the feeble provides, and then recognized the thoughts whether it turned-back on an excellent attracting and you may ceased are “alive” of the position vegetation into the the “grave” in which it got reverted in order to drawing setting.


Until the Enies Reception Arc, Robin tend to made an effort to point herself off their people, also this lady partners, as the she know you to definitely she try bound to hop out her or him in the course of time or after. Due to the fact their earliest bounty, Robin got constantly become deceived by anybody she involved trust; they all switched on the woman for the sake of money. Consequently, Robin grabbed an excellent jaded look at anyone rather than extremely trusted people. Even before she inserted, Robin try very intrigued of one’s interest and you may possible of one’s Straw Hat team (possibly as their chief was mostly of the people in the country on middle intial D, given that monster which stored the lady). Although these people were foes, Robin never acted intense otherwise agressive toward all team. She also turned into withholding so you can the woman Baroque Work allies, never ever advising him or her of the identity away from Sanji just who she known during the Whiskey Height; and therefore lead on the stay away from at Gambling enterprise, and saving Luffy from becoming tucked throughout the wasteland immediately following he are outdone by Crocodile on Rainbase.

Upon earliest joining the brand new Straw Cap Team, she just said she had no place more to visit, declaring you to Luffy is accountable for her being alive whenever she had wished to die which must get obligations for his own measures. She rarely named this lady comrades by name, and you may alternatively described her or him with their watercraft-hands headings, instance Skip Navigator (Kokaishi-san, we.age. Nami), Mr. Swordsman (Kenshi-san, i.age. Zoro), Mr. Enough time Nose (Nagahana-kun, i.elizabeth. Usopp), an such like. She to start with simply titled Luffy and you may Crocodile of the their names, even in the event from inside the a professional manner given that a real estate agent. She really does, now and then, label Luffy “sencho-san” (definition master).

Throughout the years, but not, Robin will get closer together crewmates, and you will begins to develop a sense of that belong together, features reported that she cares a little more about their really-being than simply compared to other industry. After enjoying how far they will certainly go in acquisition to keep her, she now calls all of them from the the brands. For the violence with the Enies Reception, she understood she has finally discover the brand new loved ones that Saul told you she’d. She’s including stated that, apart from saving her existence, they certainly were guilty of reviving the woman dream. Following the sugar daddy Washington timeskip, Robin seems convinced on the woman added the fresh crew. Whenever Nekomamushi said he had been worried that folks which planned to investigate pongeglyphs manage started immediately following this lady, Robin said she got solid members of the family who manage the lady.

Monkey D. Luffy

She’s grateful so you’re able to Luffy to possess recognizing her into the their crew, and that’s a whole lot more diligent with his natural identity than of several out of their other crewmates, actually chuckling when he impulsively lets people to become listed on, as someone else try shocked (whatsoever, it’s through this she turned a beneficial Straw Cap member). So that as Robin sailed and ventured into the crew extended, she arrived at getting nearer to and you can manage Luffy since the well given that remainder of the Straw Hat team. The woman is together with alot more open minded regarding Luffy’s behavior, and this on occasion also can make the girl laugh. So it happens dating back once they were foes when you look at the the newest Arabasta Arc, whenever Luffy fought Crocodile because the “H2o Luffy”, drinking a whole barrel off drinking water and you will sprinkle they at the Crocodile off their throat making your a lot more good. She appeared to have taken a liking so you’re able to Luffy from their initial conference up to speed brand new Supposed Merry, in which their bold character captivated the girl enough to must see your once more. Luffy are one person who was able to persuade their that she is real time even if the industry doesn’t want the girl so you’re able to, and also if that was the case, the world are their with his crewmates’ foes also. In manners, Luffy reminds Robin of your most other D. carrier she befriended. This could have triggered this lady very first need for your, because the she are conscious of their full name during the their first conference and you can inquired about it next whenever she rescued your once 1st fight with Crocodile.

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