Do you want to have a chat that you don’t want governmental digital surveillance to monitor?

Do you want to have a chat that you don’t want governmental digital surveillance to monitor?

Do you want to have a chat that you don’t want governmental digital surveillance to monitor?

Then meet Tox – a simple software that connects you with your desire users with no one listening. Tox’s messages are secured and fast delivery across the globe. Tox has a voice call feature that you can use to communicate with friends and family. If that amazes you, then it would even thrill you more to know that you can also make video calls using Tox’s secure video calls. Screen and file sharing are also allowed in this app. Its file-sharing doesn’t restrict the size you can send. It also supports many file formats.

If you’re fed up with your messages being spied on or restricted, then you’d find Tox to be a savior. Tox gives you total liberty and security. Every communication you have in Tox is encrypted . Rochester free hookup Only the people you’re talking with can see your conversation. Let’s not forget Tox’s group. Connect with your gang, chat, call and share any files of your choice in freedom. Tox not only provides freedom as in liberty alone. Tox is free in price. That means you get all these features free. Tox is an amazing alternative to Chatstep .


Well, the name reveals it all. This messaging app uses renowned source cryptographic libraries to keep your chat secured and private. Its verifiable end-to-end encryption and publicly auditable source prove its bold claim of military-grade security.

This open-source messaging app features both OTR and OMEMO encryption. You can connect your Google accounts or create a new one on public XMPP servers. For extra security, you can even connect your server. ChatSecure is integrated with other clients that support Jitsi , Adium and other OTR and XMPP. ChatSecure has a simple user interface. It is easy to operate, and it works well in remote areas. Unfortunately, ChatSecure is not available for Android. Its source code is available in GitHub for anyone interested. ChatSecure has the messaging features of most other Chatstep alternatives on this list. ChatSecure is a very good alternative to Chatstep

It is an open-source interoperable app

Jami is a messaging App platform that preserves your privacy and freedoms. It was developed by Canadian based Savoir-faire Linux . Its major aim is to provide the general public and industries with a messaging platform built on a distributed architecture. You don’t need authority or a central server to operate. Its communication tool is free and secure. Jami Open Source Software allows you to contribute to its improvement.

Jami is available on all platforms. It comes with a simplified and easy to use user interface. Jami like the others on this list is completely free and does not contain Ads.

Riot was formally known as Vector. Its formal name was derived from its founding company, New Vector Limited. It is available for all platforms which include web, Mac iOS, Android, and Linux. It provides instant messaging features. Its messages are secured and you can decide to either do a public or private chat room. It also offers file sharing tool. You can share a document or high-quality media files with your friends and families. It also has a voice call tool, that lets you make voice calls with friends and family. You can also do the same in the chat room. Same as the video call, which provides face-to-face communication. You can make use of the video tool to do video conferencing on Android and Web. Among its technical functions, Riot provides bridges to other systems like IRC, Slack and many others. This is made possible because it is built on the open standard. You can make use of its hosted service or run yours for added security.

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