Sandy was a thrill hunter just who enjoys significant recreations and you will karate

Sandy was a thrill hunter just who enjoys significant recreations and you will karate

Sandy was a thrill hunter just who enjoys significant recreations and you will karate

Sandra [1] Jennifer [2] Olivia [3] “Sandy” Cheeks [4] (produced November 17 [5] ) is one of the 10 main characters about SpongeBob SquarePants franchise. [6] She is a western squirrel from the skin who wears an effective dive suit and stays in an environment-filled cup treedome to thrive under water. This woman is voiced because of the Carolyn Lawrence.

Having are from the state of Texas, this lady has a southern drawl and a fascination with rodeos. She functions due to the fact a scientist and you may centered both this lady treedome and you will air fit herself. She is as well as a member of the brand new Girl Family also Karen, Mrs. Smoke, and you can Pearl.


Exotic comes from the state of Colorado, known throughout the bout of a similar title, and you will displays of numerous functions from a cowgirl character. She speaks with a heavy Southern area feature and uses regular Southern area slang content, for example “Howdy” and you will “Y’all.”

Sandy is really keen on the woman homeland and its people, because so many somewhat noticed in the newest event “Texas,” where she are homesick and you will takes into account making Swimsuit Base in order to return to Tx. Because same episode, she takes great crime within SpongeBob and you can Patrick’s negative insults in the Tx and you may violently attacks her or him after they consistently make fun of it.

In addition to Plankton and you may Karen, Sandy is one of the most practical and you may levelheaded letters for the the latest cГіdigo promocional together2night show. She actually is a multiple-gifted scientist and you can founder and you will originally found Bikini Base to study sea creatures as well as their life-style. Inside “Chimps Ahoy,” it is revealed that she is utilized by a threesome of chimpanzees throughout the epidermis, titled Professor Percy, Dr. Marmalade and you may Lord Reginald. As an inventor, Sandy is capable of performing really state-of-the-art products effortlessly. Their inventions include an excellent manned spaceship, a great teleporter, a submarine that may compress so you can tiny proportions and wade inside somebody’s muscles, a robot in the “No matter what Happened to help you SpongeBob?,” as well as an excellent Protogenerator 2000 cloning equipment as noticed in “Overbooked.”

Sandy is also most athletic and you can physically fit. She and you can SpongeBob show a popular passion regarding Karate, and regularly battle both just for enjoyable.

The latest Karate they use seems to be conventionalized to complement that from “Gamble Karate,” because they one another mainly struggle with chops and kicks when you look at the good cartoon-instance trend. Here as well as is apparently additional different assaulting for the new show, especially during the “Karate Island,” in which three other seafood have indicated unique martial arts, hence seems similar to conventionalized brands of kung-fu in lieu of karate.

Sandy together with features high sports and you can thrill-seeking, hence SpongeBob satisfies the girl in on occasion, such as when you look at the “Prehibernation Times.” Sandy and also enormous strength. She actually is commonly seen at the Goo Lagoon, lifting weights with Larry this new Lobster, off just who this woman is a close friend, and other muscular seafood. For the “MuscleBob BuffPants,” she suggests SpongeBob the girl tremendous biceps in addition to a hostile every single day workout routine. In identical occurrence, she victories the brand new 8th annual Goo Lagoon Anchor Throw competition from the throwing a large anchor 510 m.

In almost any most other periods, like “Karate Isle,” “Xmas Who?,” and you can “Whelk Attack,” Exotic usually is likely to temporarily, but conspicuously, display their muscular physique.


Sandy is most often seen wearing her match to own oxygen when she’s outside this lady treedome. This new suit try white and has now a yellow rectangular-shaped area which have an enthusiastic acorn with it. Additionally keeps three rings towards arm, a couple reddish rings plus one blue ring in one’s heart. Brand new suit comes with a giant mug head protection which have a yellow cardiovascular system and you can five pink floral flower petals. She along with wears graphite footwear having one to purple mark on every edge of him or her.

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