The key Enneagram regarding Gurdjieff as well as relationship to Universal Vortex Math

The key Enneagram regarding Gurdjieff as well as relationship to Universal Vortex Math

The key Enneagram regarding Gurdjieff as well as relationship to Universal Vortex Math

In the geometry, a keen enneagram was a beneficial 9-indicated planes profile.

is just about the symbol out-of Gurdjieff, similar to the God as well as the cross and yet Gurdjieff made no mention of the it in the trilogy:”Every and Everything” (“Beelzebub’s Stories so you can His Grandson”, “Conferences having Superior Men”, as well as the shell of one’s 3rd Show)!

This new Enneagram arrives originally regarding P. D. Ouspensky’s “Trying to find the latest Magic”, Section fourteen in which Gurdjieff provided a great lecture exhibiting so it icon. This was before founding of your Institute for the Harmonious Development of Guy within the Fontainebleau therefore the writing off Beelzebub’s Tales. Ever since then it has been lengthened through to of the huge chathour seznamka numbers of people because a tool off religious creativity. A massive industry has changed from the examination of its intersecting lines, especially in the fresh new mapping off nine character systems (randomly picked) as well as their connections. Many are extremely steeped giving presentations, drawing diagrams, and acting as practitioners on these training with be associated with the enneagram, called the Enneagram_of_Identification from the Wikipedia, that was increased off Gurdjieff from the Oscar Ichazo and Helen Palmer. The fresh new 4th Way Enneagram in the Wikipedia takes on next fiddle in order to they today. It will be the Ouspensky and John G. Bennett followers which utilize this term, however it might be correctly called the Gurdjieff Enneagram. Brand new so-called ‘scientific’ studies of one’s “4th Ways Enneagram” one you will need to assume incidents by using the six vectors regarding brand new continual es from opportunity.

Astrology already features 12 models, but they are of essence, whereas these types of nine models regarding the Enneagram_of_Identification attempt to chart the latest identity. The identity is merely the fresh artificial build that we carry out to help you shield our essence on business. Fundamentally, this study from characters was a complete waste of time in this building out-of a soul, that’s based upon substance. You’ll be able that the degree might be helpful in new control from other individuals who don’t possess a clue which they provides an essence, but clearly caters to no purpose so you’re able to one’s religious growth.

The secret Enneagram of Gurdjieff and its own relationship to Common Vortex Math

As i check this out excerpt, We said to me personally, so it should be a blunder and it should be “Sevenfoldness” like in the new “Rules from Heptaparaparshinokh”, especially in the fresh new framework of the 7 cards regarding octave. If it was meant to be the one and only reference on nine products of one’s Enneagram, it’s uncommon, once the novel figure really contains seven traces that yourself get in touch with brand new recurring quantitative being the division because of the eight. Additional several factors are from the inner triangle that is tend to omitted.

It is likely to be that the stated ‘Law from Ninefoldness’ refers so you’re able to anything more complicated than the Enneagram and you may wasn’t known of the Gurdjieff during the time of their creating. That it “Law out of Ninefoldness” most likely refers to the has just discovered (otherwise should We say recalled) Vortex Math which is exhibited within lecture. When you look at the Vortex Mathematics the number nine have a special dating, such, one of many qualities regarding 9 would be the fact when it is placed into a variety, it includes one exact same foot count:

  • 1+9=10 and therefore decrease to 1+0 hence means(==) step one
  • 8+9=17=1+7=8
  • 12,345 (1+2+3+4+5=15=6==twelve,345+9=a dozen,354 that’s step 1+2+3+5+4=15=six
  • ..

It is important to observe that the entire process of “reduction”, since the used through the which speech, would be to create the digits more than nine with her to show its essence because step 1-nine. It is a familiar habit in the Numerology.

The number is also written in the cosmos: diameter of environment: 7920 kilometers (7+9+2+0 = 18 = 9), sqft = 144 ins, cubic legs 1728 ins, rectangular yard=1296 inches, (multiply from the 10 is 12960 and you may 12960 decades (one half of your own precession of your equinoxes 25,920 many years), system 360 degree, square ninety stages x cuatro = 360 amount, equilateral triangle 60 stages x step 3 =180 amounts, pentagon= 108 x 5= 540 levels (silver nuclear pounds 108), pyramid truncation 4 x 180 values = 720 values, cube six x 360 = 2160 stages

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