Become A Member


  • Candidates for Membership must be proposed and seconded by Full Members of at least three years standing and only if they have known the Candidate for at least three months.

  • The Proposer and Seconder are required to submit separate confidential reports to the Chairman, through the Club Secretary on their personal knowledge of the Candidate, look maid this. (Attached to both letters is (a) a copy of his/her ID or Passport, (b) a detailed CV, (c) two passport size photos.

  • The Full Membership Entrance Fee is 465,000/- . After election, Full Members who are married may nominate their spouses at no extra cost. Annual Subscription is KShs.31,500/=

  • The Proposer and Seconder are required to introduce their Candidate to the Members of the Balloting Committee and they are responsible for the Candidate’s observance of the Club’s constitution, view at maid easy az. They shall be jointly and severally responsible financially for ALL debts and other commitments of a Candidate to the Club prior to the election of their Candidate and for a period of one year following such Candidate’s election.

  • The Proposer is to hand in the nomination paper, and, introduce the Candidate to the Club Secretary.

  • Applications will be taken in rotation and Proposers will be notified of the date of the Balloting Meeting at which their Candidate’s application will be considered.


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